It’s october ….

and we already had a lot of great guests since the opening in March this year – thanks again to everyone who visited us!

It seems like some of our guests enjoyed their stay so much, that they will visit us a second time this year.
So check out the latest guest dates:

Felix Kienzle // Team Fullgas Konstanz
15/10/18 to 20.10.18

Seb Winter
30/10/18 to 03/11/18

Marvin Diekmaennken // Halunken Bielefeld
13/11/18 to 15/11/18

Alexandra Snelgrove // Canada
22/11/18 to 24/11/18

Julian Sauter
26/11/18 to 29/11/18

Retro 23
04/12/18 to 05/12/18

Pia Alexandra // Hamburg
17/12/18 to 21/12/18

Lucas Wagner // Hamburg
19/12/18 to 21/12/18

For appointments contact them directly via instagram or write an e-mail to

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